We’re not like everyone else. Nor will you be, if we become partners.

Under is a brand- and design agency founded by Tobias Ottomar and Alex Kerber. Our focus is to be an agency with a personal touch and individuality, a choice for those who, like us, believe that your business is ready for a new kind of thinking.

We refrain from calling ourselves a” full-service” company but that doesn't mean that we can’t handle big projects. We don't believe in borders between Digital and Analogue, we believe that brand communication need to be the same invariably of media.

Our core strength is that we have the strategic, graphic and digital knowledge in-house. We also have a big network of collaborators all over the world that can jump in whenever we need reinforcement. This provides us to tailor the right team for your project.

The most important points according to us are


Simplifying the complex. Brands with a solid strategic foundation maintain an inherent simplicity and remain easy to understand and communicate.

Digital - Or not …?

The digital presence is our heart and soul. One of our major strengths is that we work to maintain the idea of your brand without complicating it with technical terms.

Design = ROI

We know that a well executed design and branding should not only be aesthetically pleasing . It also has to have a positive effect on the balance sheets as well.

Some of our satisfied clients